Realization of Standardization in the defense sector for surge protector !!
Korean Helicopter Project(KHP). development success of the first joystick !!
Undisputed authentication in the field of Bluetooth wireless technology area !!


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for the nation’s first helicopter due to the recognition of the components development capability
which we have proven until now.
Sung Jin is decided to be the supplier of the control stick components for F-35 which is the next
generation American fighter which will be produced from 2010 and has secured the position,of the
only and professional control stick components developing company in Korea,
and In the field of civilian project, are getting reputation of undisputed technological ability in the field
of wireless communication area by supplying Bluetooth module mounted inside the car
to Hyundai Motor, Kia Motor and some overseas companies such as Toyota through Hyundai Mobis.

In addition, Sung Jin have completed the development of high-performance surge
protector applicable to civil and military areas and applied it to standardization of the
defense area and several public agencies and is now working to expand to overseas
export market.
Our staffs are not satisfied in this stage and doing our best to get the recognition that
"Whatever Sung Jin makes is the best" and since we are thinking that in the 21st
century only the technical ability can guaranty our future, we will always be armed with
advanced technology based on challenging mind and creative thinking and making
unceasing effort to fulfill customer satisfaction

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